Whether you're wearing a casual high neck top or a fancy low cut dress, this eye-catching piece will fit perfectly. The colorful stones make this an easy piece to match with all your accessories. All your friends (and maybe even some strangers) will be wondering where you found such a stunning necklace!

  • This piece is strung on a slim, subtle 1mm gold-plated box-link chain that keeps all the attention on the pendant. 
  • Both the pendant and the chain are packaged in a gorgeous red /Self Promotion Studios/ jewelry box.
  • Materials: Gold-plating, metal, multi-colored crystal glass stones. Because this pendant is handmade and each stone is individually set, there may be slight differences in each piece. The finish on this particular item is similar to that of other fashion jewelry. Please see our FAQs page for care instructions to maintain the luster of your piece.