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About Us: Here's our story 😘😘😘

Hi there!

Sometimes we get emails from visitors asking for background on Self Promotion Studios and whether we are for real. We answered this in our FAQs and thought we would do a post talking "About Us" and our story: 

Yup we are very, very real 🤣😂🤣! Self Promotion Studios was started by three friends: Jess, Nicole, and Tiffany. The three of us have always been super-passionate about expressing our personalities and moods through fashion. We love how a chunky pair of boots or a long flowing trench coat or a bold piece of jewelry can perfectly reflect your mood and personality at any given moment and also how changing what you wear can completely transform the version of yourself that you put out into the world 🌎. It is so fascinating how just changing your necklace from something simple to something bold and eye-catching can completely change the look of your entire OOTD 💃.

When we weren't managing our jobs and our families, the three of us used to spend all our free time searching the internet and our local shops for super cool and fun clothes and accessories, and then we would share our finds with each other. That hobby is what brought us together to create Self Promotion Studios during the pandemic. Our plan is to curate a collection of fun accessories that can help you express your personality and can help you promote your self when you're out running through your day! 

We don't post our last names or talk much about ourselves because we all have day jobs that help us pay the bills and unfortunately we can't let our employers find out about this passion project of ours. But we and our website are completely real!

The three of us and our Studio are located in New York City. Every single jewelry piece on our website is in stock in our Studio and ready to ship out the same day you place an order. Every photo of our jewelry pieces is a real photo and not photoshopped. Everything is shipped out fully-insured and with a priority shipping service. All orders are fully trackable from the moment they leave our studio to the moment they reach your doorstep. All payments are securely handled by Shopify. Every jewelry piece you receive will look exactly like what you see on our site. We promise!

We've really tried to create a trusted store with great customer service like the kind we would want to shop at ourselves.

If you have any questions about us or our jewelry pieces, or you just want to chat, feel free to contact us. You'll get a reply right away (most probably from Jess since she's in charge of our customer service team😊).

Wishing you good luck and good looks 💃,

The girls at /Self Promotion Studios/