Nice to Meet You 👋! We Are New Here! - / SELF PROMOTION STUDIOS /

Nice to Meet You 👋! We Are New Here!

Hi there!

Since we're new to the web, we thought we should start by introducing ourselves.

For years, our family and friends have been beyond obsessed with the jewelry pieces from our personal collection, constantly asking us if they could get one too. Of course, being the nice girls that we are, we would always hook them up with our pieces!

Earlier this year, the thought hit us that if our family and friends love our stuff, maybe other women out in the world would love our jewelry pieces too!

So that's why a few months ago, we decided to get together and launch /Self Promotion Studios/.

If you like our vibe, want to see more of our jewelry pieces, and are interested in supporting our studio, please hit "Like" on our page and sign-up for our email list (and tell your friends about us, too!).

Wishing you good luck and good looks😍,

Your friends at /Self Promotion Studios/